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Victor took a deep breath as he walked inside of the bar, relishing in all of the scents that filled the building. He smirked to himself and his chameleon eyes flashed, he had come out to enjoy himself this evening. He made his way over to the bar and leaned against it. He looked around until his eyes caught a man that seemed to know what he was doing, either the bartender, the owner or both Victor assumed. Victor stuck his hand out to catch the man’s attention. “Oi, mate! Can I get a rum an’ coke?”

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    "Thank you." Victor said as he took a swig. "So, you’re sirenic incubus? How’s that work? The sirenic part?"
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    "Comin’ right up." He hummed, with a smile, getting him one.

Name's Victor Roth. I play cards, used t' be a bartender an' I definitely still enjoy a good drink.